Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i had the same problem

i think listening to rap is the best way to get over a broken heart
taking mood stabilisers also help.

there is nothing to this. its just funny.
in my next life i will come back as 15 year olf japanese girl. and i will read manga everyday and wear long socks with glue to hold them up. ill eat fish for breakfast and drink lycee ice teas with those bobble things in bubble cup. and ill know everything about pokemon. in my spare time ill play with my pet bunny which will be called george and listen to american rap. ill also have a really severe hair cut like the girl from kill bill. and finally my mobile phone will be metallic peach colour.
this is amelia Earhart's hand
she is a new idol of ours
because she didnt care what anyone said and fucked off into the air
but she never came back
which is a little sad
but im sure she was just hiding for a while and then took it too far
and so everyone thought she was dead when really she wasnt she just wanted some time to herself in the air in her plane.

Monday, March 15, 2010

most of the time i end up with guys who write letters like this


Harps is correct- we've been the worst bloggers. A billion things have happened in the past six months- but like maudy has learnt from the wise one- dont waste your time. So she's starting fresh. Maud has a new computer to start her off- so you know what that means- MORE PIctures, but i swear to mother fucking god- right clicking and saving on a MAC is like turning water into wine- how DO YOU DO IT?!! I spent an hour this morning quickly pressing the mouse- and somehow 5 times it magically worked- but i didnt know how.

Doesnts harps look the bestest in these photos- she reminds me of a white fairy but the kind that would let you wish for the all shmokes in the world and not lecture you about cancer.

bahahah the photo of moi was so funny- i was still getting use to the mouth and the bits down the bottom of the screen you know those icons and then suddenly all these flashes go off and im really hung over and dead in the head and then i get to see what i look like- nice bahahah when it happened it it reminded me of being tired with harps and walking teht city streets



above is devil baby - below is harper boyfriend.. whom kicked her out of the bed this morning because she woke him up.. i only wanted to smell his neck nook .. therefore he be devil baby .. now she is sitting in the living room Pantless watching Tekeshi's Castle .. which she does love ...


harper and maud .. been hiding .. as they live on opposite sides of the world .. but harper tres bored start blogging again .. will entice maud with candy ...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

He protects Us